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About Us


SaSa Cosmetic & Skin Care Beauty Inc. was established in New York City on August 1995. Within 22 years in business, SaSa Cosmetic has expanded in the U.S. Northeast region and now has 11 stores operating in New York, NY; Boston, MA; and Philadelphia, PA. Many renowned Hong Kong actors and singers served as the spokesperson for Sa Sa Cosmetic.

SsSa Cosmetic offers professional, quality skincare services including skincare for all skin types and treatments of all kind such as facial, waxing, body slim, massage and more. We use skincare products supplied from brands in France, Germany, Switzerland, and Japan. We utilize high-tech cosmetic equipment. Each of our stores has many individual rooms for customers to comfortably and quietly enjoy their treatments. Our team consists of more than 70 professional cosmetologists .As a brand, we value providing exceptional experiences to customers. Our goal is to provide everyone a place to become beautiful and build confidence.

SasaBeauty's Spokespersons

SaSa Beauty’s spokesperson
Hong Kong movie star,
♥ Jacquelin Ch'ng ♥

SaSa Beauty’s spokesperson
Hong Kong movie star,
♥ Joyce Tang ♥

SaSa Beauty’s spokesperson
Hong Kong movie star,
♥ Irene Wan ♥

SaSa Beauty’s spokesperson
Hong Kong movie star,
♥ Karen Tong ♥

SaSa Beauty’s spokesperson
Miss Hong Kong,
♥ Halina Tam ♥

Manhattan, NY

20B Pell Street. New York NY 10013
Tel: (212) 608-0907
120 Mott Street. New York NY 10013
Tel: (212) 965-1532
109 Mott Street. New York NY 10013
Tel: (212) 965-1980
23 East. Broadway New York NY 10013
Tel: (212) 964-3510

Brooklyn, NY

5111 8TH Ave. Brooklyn NY 11220
Tel: (718) 633-8333

Flushing, NY

135-12A Roosevelt Ave. NY 11355
Tel: (718) 539-3738
136-79 41 Ave. Flushing NY 11355
Tel: (718) 939-3883

Boston, MA

34 Harrison Ave. MA 02111
Tel: (617) 728-9890
42-44 Essex Street. MA 02111
Tel: (617) 338-0183

Quincy, MA

35 Beale Street Quincy MA 02170
Tel: (617) 481-1364

Philadelphia, PA

1004 Arch Street. Philadelphia PA 19107
Tel: (215) 923-8212

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